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  KENWOOD range is a great choice for wood furniture lover. It presents the beauty of wood!!

Actually, many customers come to visit our warehouse to see our display area, and they fall in love with KENWOOD range deeply.




 Elegant is the best adjective to describe Kenwood range!! Especailly when you touch it, you can tell the difference, it feels so elegant and so well made. Cannot stop looking at it!! 







 The material that KENWOOD range using is selected hardwood veneers book.

It matched in traditional fashion, hardwood edges and coordinating veneer finish vertical surfaces.


Apart from that, Kenwood can also be very pracitcal in many ways,








 More stoage ideas: 

Same idea as using in the NAPA range, HUTCH is also available in KENWOOD range if you would like to get more storage without any more floor space.' (see below)


(Gives different sizes of offices a good solution for storage.)

Desk: Available in OPEN DESK or BOW FRONT.


HUTCH: With or without doors. 

(With doors: with Wood doors Or Glass doors)


Storage: many choices (2-drawer, 2 door, multi-credenza, etc.,)


Bookcase (3shelf or 5 shelf depends on needs)


 Colors: Mahogany and Light Cherry.


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