SOFA in office

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:12/22/16



When we are talking about a well-arranged office, Sofa cannot be forgotten!



Since a “good-looking” sofa brings a professional way in your office.



I mean, the sofa has to be comfortable but also cannot be too soft.



See below, they are very comfortable, suppotive and also firm enough.




1850×750×910 $529


930×750×910  $399






Only because in that way, while people sitting there looks more formal & professional, that suits office better!!




Instead of just looks like sitting in front of TV as a couch potato…..






Of course not offense at all for that, but people do not prefer themselves  in that way in workplace.






ITEM NUMBER   GS9812-3   


1800×730×810 $599



ITEM NUMBER   GS9812-1    


800×800×750  $359



With our well-made sofa, you can absolutely enjoy your piece of time here



or have a relaxed but important small meeting/brainstorm



or a privacy conversation here.




ITEM NUMBER  GS9831-3     

$599 2000*770*760





 $319 850*770*760



Hopefully, our sofa would be able to give your office a even more professional and stunning look!


Welcome to pre-order these comfortable and supportive sofa!! 









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