Choose a modern coffee table /side table

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:02/24/17

Want to have a modern style coffee table in the house, a storage for books with smooth top, or side table nearby sofa?

Here we provide wooden and reliable products fit your multi-choice. 



A folding top Coffee table (code 633-1005) is an elegant table that is so versatile that you can use it as a stylish
coffee table or a convenient reading & writing & working table. It provides you space for storage, also can be used
as an office desk when you work at home.
It’s unique and streamline design you will enjoy that functionality and versatility.  (Accept ordering now)

This is a classic one (code 624-1206). A generous looking with rough lets and smooth top provide you ample space for
drinks and snacks…
Simple but stylish yet, it is a great statement piece to your home or office break room. (In stock Now)
Of course, more choice! A medium sized mobile coffee table or side table (code635-1206 &0606) with mixed color would
sit nicely as a feature table in the center of a room. (In stock Now)
A good price value range with trustable quality. And most of them come with 2-4 color which included white, espresso,
maple and walnut. Just contact GCON for more information 07-3195 5130