Introduction to Timber

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:03/20/15

 Introduction to Timber

Timber is a relevant material to furniture industry. We all know that timber is a natural


material. However, Formaldehyde can off-gas from pressed woods into the air , polluting


your air indoor for years. As a result, it may affect you and your family’s health.  HOWEVER,


This is only affected in some cases only.


GCON, manufactured a new generation of timber products which are created with almost

ZERO formaldehyde added.

We can guarantee that we are providing you and your loved


ones in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe your health is our greatest success.


GCON is now recommended you to choose us for your future. Additionally, we also give you some kindly suggestions for you to stay away from formaldehyde.



To protect  yourself from formaldehyde,  please take into consideration of steps below.


1. Choose certified-sustainable hardwood furniture piece.

2. Choose formaldehyde-free medium density fiberboard (MDF) in place of plywood for outdoor areas.

3. If particleboard can’t be avoided, finish with a non-toxic sealant (latex paint won’t seal in vapors).



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MOST IMPORTANTLY, The econ-friendly furniture won’t hurt you and your loved ones’ health.

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Timber care


To ensure the longevity of your timber furniture, taking good care of them are essential.


Timber is a natural product. After being processed in factory, this natural element creates a


way to present – the furniture piece. Each furniture piece has different shapes, design as


well as its own use. To ensure its long-lasting feature, please see below few points for timber


furniture care.


1.      When cleaning your timber furniture, it is recommended to use natural fibre cloths or felt pads.


2.       When working may damage the timber furniture, it is recommended to use a covering or protective sheet.

Sometime you may damage the finish of the furniture when doing your work with markers, crayons or even glues.

3.       When lifting objects, please avoid excessive scratching of the surface.


Special care to timber furniture:


To maintain the appearance on your furniture, the fine finish of it needs to undertake double-care. To achieve better results:


1.Regular Dusting helps remove dirt from timber surfaces. Use a soft clean cloth. Moisten the clean cloth slightly with water. Please noted to dry the surface while finished dusting.


2.Take away objects like electronic equipment on the desktop periodically.


3. Accessories or other items placed on the surfaces of the furniture should be rotated regularly. Surface indentation can be avoided by using felt disks.


4.      Avoid sunlight- Please remove your furniture away from sunlight and use window treatment to block out.


5.    . Minor repair : Colour a touch up pen on the surface of the furniture  can be less noticeable for the scratch

          (Please noted that the color pen should match the furniture).


We believe that you are all timber lovers! If you undertake the above special care steps to your furniture, we believe you can extend their durability greatly.