The Lifelong Love on Timber

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:03/26/15

 After reading the topic Tasmanian joiner on his lifelong love of ‘warm and human’ timbers from ABC NEWS, I feel really proud of Mr Smith and  impressed by what Mr Smith has said.


This article talks about Maurice Smith, a 60 years old joiner and carpenter who loves spending time to make timber things.


His timber story starts when Maurice Smith was inspired by his father, also known as a timber worker. When Mr Smith was young, he already tried to use tools and learn to make timber things on his own. This is obviously not a teenage boy behavior. In my opinion, I think this is because he loves timber already when he was a small kid. That is why he would always love spending time to create timber things.  From an early age he was given a hammer and hails by his father and no doubt he loves it. He even said “I would come back with a bruised thumb. I’d always hit my thumb for some reason.”


When he grows up, he was allowed to help out in his father’s workshop. However, he was only sweeping the floor behind the workers. After learning boat building, Mr Smith said his love of timber grew by there. Based on the knowledge of boat building, he said he would even know how to build furniture and went from one thing on to other.


For him, timber is an absolute building material.  He even described each timber piece is unique and has its own qualities. He said every timber has a different feel and they behave differently. From here, I can truly understand his lifelong love on timber and timber-made things.


Timber is always a fashion.

Mr Smith says “people always go back to timber eventually because it’s warm, its inviting, its human and natural with a natural ambiance about it”.


This is the first time I read through a news article, having this deep feeling. I have never seen a person that would love timber that much. He even took the break from his project to sleep when he couldn’t find inspiration. He even said “I want to make sure it’s still going to be right in 50 years’ time after I’ve long gone”. From here, I can sure that his life cannot be happy without timber work.


Mr Smith always loves meeting challenges when he accessed job requests. And he did enjoy these difficulties. This is quite funny when a person says he loves meeting challenges.


Reading to here, have you found timber as a unique thing in the word?

It is a fashionable thing and is never going out of date! I would say for furniture, I choose products made from timber. As what Mr Smith has told me, timber is warm. Timber is human. This is a very long-lasting material compared to some other materials.


I also feel extremely proud of Mr Smith as he has been working with timber since he was around three years old.  Nowadays, people would not stay on doing the same thing for this long time.



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