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 Why choose GCON Office Furniture?

Established in the headquarter in GuangXi, China in 1995, GCON Office Furniture is a professional specialist in manufacturing a new generation of timber furniture – featuring almost ZERO formaldehyde added.

We are experienced at manufacturing custom-made furniture outfits.  We also provide free on-site consultation with measures and quotes. If you are looking for space planning, GCON office furniture will be happy to provide on-site service.

We have our own supporting team in delivery and installation. We also have our expert sales consultants in showrooms to provide top-tier customer service.

We also provide post-purchase service. GCON Office Furniture aims to make no mistakes. However, if you find any product which is faulty, we apologies in advance and please get in touch with our team immediately by e-mail: / our showroom contact no ( GCON Acacia Ridge: 07 3195 5130, GCON Virginia: 07 3171 9753 ).

If you would like to know more about us, CLICK ME HERE to explore the factory in China.


GCON – For your greatest health

We concern your health! Your health is our final success. GCON Office furniture provides the highest quality and the healthiest desks, workstations, and office storage solutions for you.


GCON office furniture is Eco-friendly as we manufactured a new generation of timber products which are created with almost ZERO formaldehyde added.

We can guarantee that we are providing you and your loved ones in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe your health is our greatest success.


When are you open?

MON-FRI    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

SAT            10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Any public holiday will be noticed about trading hours.



Where are you located?

GCON Virginia Showroom:

SHOP 2/ 1908 Sandgate Road, Virginia QLD 4014

GCON Acacia Ridge Warehouse:

1 Success Street, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110


How can reach you?

We can be contacted by email/call.


Contact number:            Virginia GCON   : 07 3171 9753

                                 Acacia Ridge GCON    : 07 3195 5130


Do you provide online shopping?

At this stage, I am sorry we do not provide online shopping on the web. Please kindly advise to make a call to our office no: 07 3195 5130. For your convenience, we will be happy to accept your purchase order and accept EFT payment. Once payment has been made, you can either choose pick up on your own or delivery service.


What are your delivery areas and rates?

We do delivery to Brisbane and nearby areas including Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The rate vary depends on the location. Please contact your sales consultant via call or email us at


Do you allow pick-up?

Yes. You can either pick up from our showroom in Viriginia or warehouse in Acacia Ridge.


What if the product is out of stock?

We apologies for any inconvenience caused in advance. We are happy to put your request as back-order. Once the product is ready, our team will get in touch with you and confirm the delivery /pick-up date.


Product Warranty – How long is the warranty for?

Structural integrity of frame carries a 5 years warranty. Upholstery fabric carries 3 years warranty. Leather is not warranted. The warranty date would start from the date of purchase.


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If you still have further questions, please send us an email to / make a call to us! We are happy to assist you!