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 Happy Thursday! It is time ready for weekend shopping! Recently we have received many questions from customer asking any difference between us and other store selling office furniture. The answer is maintaining great health as well as great business. You may feel frustrated and concern of “What is the in-depth meaning of this saying?”

GCON – For your greatest health
We concern your health! Your health is our final success. GCON Office furniture provides the highest quality and the healthiest desks, workstations, and office storage solutions for you.
GCON office furniture is Eco-friendly as we manufactured a new generation of timber products which are created with almost ZERO formaldehyde added.
We can guarantee that we are providing you and your loved ones in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe your health is our greatest success.
Our furniture are commercial grade which not only suitable for business but also personnel setting.
Recently, we have read through an article about “4 ways to Fight ‘Text Neck’ and Get Moving at Work”.
Those 4 ideas mentioned by them are very considerate and can create a comfortable and inviting work environment.
The ideas are
1. Supply an Office chair built to support work
I guess everyone knows a good chair may bring an excellent support to their back.  However, individual may not give it much thought about how badly it can impact! Research has shown that workers use three or more electrical devices at work. These could include a smartphone, laptop, or tablet etc. Technology use has emerged in office. This has put pressure in office people, as they may spend a lot time benting forward,backward and dropping head.
2. Make movement Fun
At work, staying active with simple movements is important to maintain balance. It is suggested to have alternative seating for workers to move around. This is simple change however can have a big influence for workers’ movements. Considering this may encourage workers’ to incorporate more movement in a day.
3. Incorporate a walk station at work
This idea is that worker can stand and walk a bit while working. This walk station can provide surface area for a laptop or tablet. Importantly, effective lighting and power sources for technology use. This walk station can serve as a mini office.
4. Make it easier for staffers to assume different postures.
Research has shown that workers want control over the workplace, in various postures. This proves that secondary spaces in addition to traditional desk setting can keep people moving in the office. Furniture which can provide various postures can assist in workers’ movement. 
Don’t look down on these investments! Employees’ well-being is important to your company’s success.
Come and have a look in our showroom today! There are more surprises of comfortable and good-looking furniture. 
Want some custom furniture? We do custom-made furniture as well. If you feel running out of idea in redesigning your office, we would encourage you to enquire our team for on-site consultation. We will satisfy your personal needs and create flexible spaces within your office/home.
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