Redesign your office?

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:06/01/15

 Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Today is the first of June. I hope everyone is ready for the shopping month :)

Have you been thinking of making adjustments to your workplace? A new environment can always refresh employees’ minds and physical movements.

Moreover, redesigning your office can no doubt making more spaces for efficient use in office.

GCON Office Furniture is expert in designing and manufacturing your own personalised office furniture. We have a strong support from our own factory in China,

offering you the most reasonable price as well as a professional level of furniture products. We also have a great team to assist you to reshape your office.  

Our aim is to work closely with you to identify your needs in office. Plus, we will provide you our professional suggestions. We would love to do on-site consultation and measure up everything for you.

So far, we have previous clients from Chinese Buddhist Church, Accounting Firm etc. We are happy to custom-made their personalised furniture. Our own factory in China provides the widest range of office furniture.


 We have many upcoming products. Please stay tuned!


Why choose GCON Office Furniture?

Established in the headquarter in GuangXi, China in 1995, GCON Office Furniture is a professional specialist in manufacturing a new generation of timber furniture – featuring almost ZERO formaldehyde added.

We are experienced at manufacturing custom-made furniture outfits.  We also provide free on-site consultation with measures and quotes. If you are looking for space planning, GCON office furniture will be happy to provide on-site service.

We have our own supporting team in delivery and installation. We also have our expert sales consultants in showrooms to provide top-tier customer service.

We also provide post-purchase service. GCON Office Furniture aims to make no mistakes. However, if you find any product which is faulty, we apologies in advance and please get in touch with our team immediately by e-mail: / our showroom contact no ( GCON Acacia Ridge: 07 3195 5130, GCON Virginia: 07 3171 9753 ).

If you would like to know more about us, CLICK ME HERE to explore the factory in China.


GCON – For your greatest health

We concern your health! Your health is our final success. GCON Office furniture provides the highest quality and the healthiest desks, workstations, and office storage solutions for you.


GCON office furniture is Eco-friendly as we manufactured a new generation of timber products which are created with almost ZERO formaldehyde added.

We can guarantee that we are providing you and your loved ones in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe your health is our greatest success.


When are you open?

MON-FRI    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

SAT            10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Any public holiday will be noticed about trading hours.



Where are you located?

GCON Virginia Showroom:

SHOP 2/ 1908 Sandgate Road, Virginia QLD 4014

GCON Acacia Ridge Warehouse:

1 Success Street, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110


How can reach you?

We can be contacted by email/call.


Contact number:            Virginia GCON   : 07 3171 9753

                                 Acacia Ridge GCON    : 07 3195 5130