Smart Office Design Can Improve Productivity

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:08/28/15

 Smart Office Design Can Improve Productivity


Hi readers, you might be suffering from tiredness of long working hours, especially, in the modern sedentary lifestyle, have you thought about that smart office design can actually boost your working productivity?


According to the recent research from University of Sydney ,the results showed that worker dissatisfaction often related to the layouts of offices and the degree of comfortable of office furniture. As this study proves that office design and office furniture can directly affect productivity. Smart bosses might rethink about designing new offices layout with high quality and brilliant design office furniture


Our Gcon office furniture companies, which are located in Acacia Ridge and Virginia, respectively, are providing the most brilliant design executive desk which can bring you to a new comfortable working environment.


We have promised that all range furniture boards of GCON are eco-friendly, the formaldehyde emission tends to zero complying with EO Grade of EURO standard and 10 times less than GB standards. For the Aussie working styles, we have chosen two table sets for you, as in the following pictures.





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