Is it the time to change a new reception desk?

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:09/04/15


Is it the time to change a new reception desk?

Hello everyone.

do you know that a reception desk has played a key role in giving customers good impression as it is the first thing people see when they walk into a company or organization. May be you have faced some problems with your reception desk. For example, your receptionist might be hidden due to the wrong height of the reception desk. If you face some problems with the reception desk, now it is the time to consider another option- buy a new desk instead.

Today, we are going to introduce two reception desks which are  designed by our company. The greatest advantage is that it is customizable to fit the unique space requirements of your front reception area. It has ability to change material quickly as trends change.


We can also re-design the desk as all your requirements; try to provide our best service.

GF431-38  3800W*120D*1100H

Gf131-28 2800W*720D*1100H     



GF439-20 2000W*620D*1050H