Boardroom table- luxury design in GCON

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:09/18/15

            Boardroom table- luxury design in GCON


As we know traditional boardroom is very conventional with boring black and white colour and a couple of people sitting beside the long table.


However, the boardroom should be one of the most important parts in a company because all the important decisions have been made after discussion, it should be a place where people can generate creative ideas, amazing thoughts to make a company more prosperous and flourish. So, the boardroom table will be the centre of attractions, For this matter, Gcon office furniture has designed the boardroom table with the best quality material and fancy colours which makes the boardroom more luxury and comfortable, allowing more valuable person in the company to have a comfortable sit and good environment to discuss and talk.


Below are the boardroom tables with our company’s design

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