Choose your best office chairs

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:10/02/15

 Hi everyone, it is going to be a long weekend as Queen’s birthday public holiday is coming. It may be a good time for you to go shopping in GCON office furniture as our Virginia shop is still open on the public holiday, come and bring your family to have a look at the desk and chairs; you will find your ideal ones with cheapest price


Today, I am going to introduce some our popular office chairs to you. As we all know that if you want be comfortable and work for longer, you should choose the right chairs.

So, colour and style, comfort and durability are four important factors when choosing your chairs, however choosing the perfect fabric for your office is not only look good but feel comfortable for everyday use.


Gcon provides different fabrics, ranging from wool to mesh to leather to synthetic leather. Wool is among the most popular fabrics, it tends to more budget friendly than leather chairs, on the other side, it is easier to stain and requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best Mesh: mesh chairs provide the highest level of breathability and airflow to keep the body cool, which explains why they are becoming so popular here in Australia Leather: inviting, durable and timeless, it means classy. Good quality leather can be used in lifetime, it also a good fit in the conference room. Synthetic leather: it gives a tick to people who believe it is leather, it comes style, durability and easy care, however less breathable.


Below is a part of chairs we have in our showroom, feel free to come to visits more in our two stores , Virginia and acacia ridge