Commerce range- a good choice for you to work at home

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:10/16/15

Hi readers, it is coming to weekend again, hope everyone have had a good week!

Today, I am going to introduce Commerce-Range product, which are very economical and practically in the office brand.

In a recent post on challenges in running a business from home, it involves challenges the risks of stress, ill health and strained relationships from working excessive hours. Therefore, choosing a good design and quality of office furniture could make to feel comfortable to work at home, lowering the risk of getting some illness, such as back pain.

Price and usability are also important two factors when choosing your office furniture, as your budget must be to taken into consideration. Hence, I am recommend commerce –range product, it has very good quality and with its affordable price.

The biggest advantage of commerce range is that you can design your working station by yourself. The picture above is combined by COM01187 of the desk and COM-9295 of the return and COM-8544of the mobile pedestal.

You either can put the return or pedestal on the left hand side or right hand side according to your preference. AND ALL OF THEM ARE ON SALE, THE WHOLE COMBINATION IS $273!!!!!!

Detail information:COM-01187 1800*750*730  OPEN DESK $139 BEECH

                                  COM-9295  900*500*750  OPEN RETURN $59 BEECH

                                 COM-8544 475*600*690 3 DRAWER MOBILE PEDESTAL  $129 BEECH



Other option of colour is available


$273!! You can take all of them home, as this combination furniture is on sale, if you the price on line and come to store, we can offer you further 10% discount!!


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