Your ideal bookcase in commerce Range

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:10/23/15

 In today's world,the majority of people get a lot of books and document, especially for students and working group,so maybe you are looking for bookcase in your home or office to keep them organised and clean. Gcon office furniture can provide you a variety of selection. Our bookcase brands are ranging from Kenwood range to Napa range to Commerce range.

All our furniture are supplied by our Gcon furniture manufacturer in Guangxi China, which has 30 years manufacture history, and it is also a famous brand , top 50 furniture manufacture in CHina. All our furniture has passed the E0 standard, with its good quality and long term warranty.

For the bookcase, we also provide different styles and colours for you to suit your office, living room and even your bedroom. Today, we are going to introduce a bookcase in commerce range, which is suitable to be used in your office, with its economic price.

COM-5512 3-SHELF BOOKCASE 900*300*1200 BEECH $109

COM-5518 5-SHELF BOOKCASE 900*300*1800 CHERRY  $159

Or you can choose 3 wall unit on sale price $299


COM-5294 900*450*180

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