How to choose your best Office Desk in a limited space

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:11/06/15

 A desk is one of the most important elements in your office. There are many factors which need to take in consideration when you are going to choose your desk. For example, working style, how much space you can use in your office, and the design and colour of the office desk


However, not everyone has a large space it the office and the types of desk configuration can be the most important factor. As you will be spending a lot of time at your desk to make sure that you selects a desk configuration style that that is suited for your limited space office

Here’ is some designs of work desk that you can consider when you have limited working space. Types of desk configurations include L-shape, U-shape, corner desk.


Corner desk is one of the best-selling products in our company. In the commerce range, we strongly recommend COM-8499   900*900*730

Another advantage for this desk is  that you can put one two wings on each sides or only one side, depending on your preference, which could improve your space utility

The whole combination includes    1* COM-8499 corner workstation  $98 each

                                                 2*COM-93696 wings  $65 each

                                                 2*COM-7644 B/F fixed drawer  $75 each


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