meeting table in NAPA-RANGE

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:11/20/15

 When you are going to choose a meeting table, many factors need to be take into consideration



Room Size and Meeting Table Clearance

The size of your meeting table will depend on the size of the meeting room. The longer the room, the greater the clearance you should allow between walls or objects/furniture and your meeting table

Meeting Table Shape

Another factor to take into consideration is the shape of your meeting table. The perimeter measurement varies depending on the shape of the meeting table.

Squares, rectangles, and boat-shaped meeting tables will allow more seating space, while oval and round meeting tables have a slightly lower seating capacity. Keystone, or video-conferencing, meeting tables have a similar seating capacity to square, rectangle and boat-shaped meeting tables.

Today we are going to introduce a boardroom table in our Napa range, it comes with three different colour with very economic price .

We provide different sizes with a same design


NAPA-35 1800*900*738 $ 265

NAPA-37 3050*1200*738 $429

NAPA-36 2400*1115*738 $359

NAPA-38 3650*1200*738 $625

 three colours, maple, espresso, cherry are available