Predicting modern design office furniture trend in 2016

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:12/11/15


 Hi everyone, as 2015 is closely to be finished, however, in a new year, which design of office furniture will be the popular one can be a hot topic among people.


We are believing that modern furniture design trends 2016 will include innovative ideas in structures and materials, space saving and exotic forms, multifunctional design, especially in the fabrics, which can revolutionize the industry and offer more beautiful and comfortable designs.


1 space saving furniture design which mixes simple geometric shape and lines create contemporary furniture pieces, ideas and maximise the utility of the room


2 light weight furniture design also has a large room to be improved.


3 new colours, textures and shapes, mixed with different materials and technological methods can create more eco-friendly products and modern office decorating


4 Sit-to-Stand Office Desks

As sit-to –stand workstation are increasingly popular in the working group, a large number of companies choose sit- to-stand desks because it could improve the productivity of employees also ensure a better health. The advantages of this sort of workstation is flexible, easy to adjust and move, boost working productivity and space saving.