Three essentials in your boardroom

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:01/22/16

 Creating an effective meeting environment in your boardroom can be one of the most important part in designing your company’s outlay, in today’s post, it will highlights three important elements –table, seats and storage which you need get your meeting area furnished to perfection!


Meeting table

Meeting table always comes the first when designing your conference room, it's the first essential you'll need. To choose the perfect conference room table, it will start by measuring your room space, which style that will be the best in the room. In Gcon furniture, we recommended NAP-range furniture. Below is the picture that give some idea.



Once you've selected a conference table, it's time to focus on meeting chairs. When shopping for chairs for the conference table, you might be face  of hundreds types of chairs, the cost is ranging from $100-$300. There are chairs which are recommend by our company, and all of them are available in our show room


The storage


A good design storage cabinet or credenza can be quite helpful in your conference room, A variety of things, such as projectors, TV, pen, notes need to be keep and filled in the storage cabinet. You can also use the top of credenza to provide food and beverage in a function,  don’t forget the dimensions will always the first when choosing it .