Find your perfect sofas with GCON

Author:GCON OFFICE FURNITURE  Time:04/01/16

 Our sofas are features in,

Frame: high quality solid wood frame process with drying treatment.

Fabric: use first layer of cowhide or environmental skin as regular fabric, cowhide leather face gloss good, permeability is strong, soft and rich tenacity, antistatic wear-resisting; environmental protection surface texture formation uniform, good elasticity and toughness.

Paint: Taiho Brand green PU polyester paint is used in veneer products which makes the fullness of the furniture surface film good, high hardness, good stability, uniform luster, natural soft, comfortable and smooth.

Seat cushion and backrest: Refined high density sponge, density uniform, soft hard moderate, good permeability & resilience.

Please join us to enjoy your “sofa” journey