FLEX Screen System---give you flexibility

Author:Gcon Office Furniture  Time:06/03/16

Our “FLEX” range focus on work station, we provide you flexibility in the working environment. This range features in:

Frame: high quality aluminium alloy frame processed with oxidation treatment on the surface with the ultra-thick oxide film and corrosion wear resistance.

Material: all the furniture boards of GCON are eco-friendly. The formaldehyde emission tends to ZERO. We care your healthy.

Laminate paper: printed with Germany imported ink and moulded under the 140 tons hot press machine. It has the advantages of water resistance, heat resistance and resistance to dirt and scratch resistance.

We also provide option in the shape (T-shape, X-shape and F-shape etc.) and colour, customer could choose what they want, what they like.

Below is our stock product.



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