Wooden Executive Desk

  • RM802-181 L/R
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Product Feature

A wooden Executive desk in modern style which comes with side long storage as one set, it presents office and business space an outstanding impression. 


Dimension, L1800*W1600*H750mm



* All the boards of GCON are eco-friendly. The formaldehyde emission tends to ZERO commplising to EO grade of EURO standard and 10 times less than GB standards.

* 2 cabinets with a open space as a storage set provides large room to arrange files and documents

* The storage has left side or right side both which depends on the space choice

* Color mixed in Oak &dark grey


Dimension can up to, L2000*W1800*H750mm (code:RM802-201), Price $856  

&Dimension: L2400*W1800*H750mm (code:RM802-241), Price $1089






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